Open innovation practices

Open innovation is a means of innovating based on sharing and cooperation between businesses. It is impossible for a singular business to have all the internal resources necessary for the development of new products or new processes. The principal of open innovation encourages joint development with expertise that is external to the company (research centres, universities, technology transfer centres, consultants, etc.).



Web platform

Novacentris, is the first open innovation portal in Quebec and Canada, making it possible to submit technological challenges to a large research community, discover possible solutions, find partners, access funding and coordinate the majority of public partners within the field of innovation.


Other web platforms dedicated to open innovation: 

My Digital Primary Health Care

A mobilizing social innovation project that aims to optimize the efficiency of primary health care in Quebec. By capitalizing on ICTs, the My Digital Primary Health Care project aims to establish a better dynamic between patients and healthcare workers: giving patients a better capacity to proactively take charge of their health, while allowing healthcare practitioners to perform their tasks within networks and interdisciplinary teams.



Launched in November 2012, NEOMED and the NEOMED Institute represent a novel approach to the research and development (R&D) of new medications, aiming primarily to transform early-stage scientific innovations into commercial partnership opportunities.


Citizen Budget

An online tool that allows municipalities to involve citizens in its decision-making processes. The platform, among other things, allows municipalities to quickly receive feedback on its residents’ priorities. It also integrates social media in order to increase citizen participation and discussion on the budget, while creating and easily personalizing an online consultation.

A learning platform that connects people with similar interests in order for them to share knowledge face to face, one-on-one. Since 2011, thousands of people have been brought together to share their curiosities and passions.


Urban Remote Control (Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles)

Developed in collaboration with the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, the urban remote control is a mobile application for iOS that allows users to actively interact within a particular area. It presents all programming for the Quartier des spectacles, as well as interactive walking tours and experiences that encourage citizen contribution. The remote control manages content in a bidirectional way: serving as an intelligent aggregator and allowing users to take various actions in the area by simply moving around or using one’s phone differently.


Montreal’s Living Lab

With more than ten active projects, Greater Montreal has become the North American capital of Living Labs.

These co-creation and open innovation centres facilitate collaboration between citizens, researchers, creators, users and entrepreneurs, as well as public, private and parapublic decision-makers. To date, approximately ten Living Labs are active or on their way to being launched (websites available in French): the Société des arts technologiques (SAT – digital arts), the SAT/CHU Ste-Justine Living Lab (using technological arts to humanize healthcare in the hospital setting), Living Lab de Montréal (intelligent mobility),  Communautique (community and social development) and AutonoLab (health care and homecare services). 


The Industry’s Contribution: APIs Supporting Open Innovation

The purpose of an API (Application Program Interface) is to facilitate the tasks of a programmer by providing the basic tools, through a particular language, that are necessary for any kind of work. An API for programming in a specific language is thus composed of an ensemble of protocols, routines and methods written in that language. These low level functions (opening, parsing, closing a file, etc.) are then used in all applications derived from said language. The goal, then, is to program these functions a single time, and subsequently make them available to the programmer community (reference, in French: Dico du net).

There are numerous service and software companies of Greater Montreal that offer such APIs, thus contributing to open and collaborative innovation:


SAP API Management

SAP API Management simplifie l’accès à vos systèmes, ce qui permet aux développeurs de se connecter rapidement et en toute sécurité avec vos données d’entreprise et vos services d’arrière-plan, tout en leur donnant une protection contre les menaces. Vous pouvez ainsi commercialiser vos nouveaux produits plus rapidement et vous adapter sans problème à des milliards d’interfaces API.

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